FEBRUARY 21 - MARCH 22, 2019
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2019, 6 - 8 PM


“Repeater’ is an installation of new sculptural work by Maximilian Goldfarb. Made with a wide variety of materials and processes, the objects presented derive from Goldfarb’s book (‘Remote Viewing: 500 Tableaux’), a compendium of written observational passages describing found photographs. His book serves as a generative ‘operator’s manual’ for production and transmission, leading to concentrated studies of tools, devices, vehicles, weapons. ‘Repeater' makes use of the spatial symmetry of the gallery to emphasize the relationships among multiple, similar or compatible objects and their subtle differences and variations. Overall the works convey a world of manufactured objects retold through handmade representation. The opening of this exhibition is also an occasion for the release of Goldfarb’s recent publication, ‘Repeater’, produced in collaboration with designer Christopher Lee and Patrick Kiley of Publication Studio. The publication features hundreds of ‘found' images that have been instrumental as source material for Goldfarb’s recent work and an introduction by Axel Bishop on the interrelationship of Goldfarb’s handling of image, text and objects. Repeater also presents a text by Laura Chiesa on Georges Perec’s scaffolding for fictional spaces, as well as an essay by Keller Easterling on the ‘Internet of Things’; a reorientation to a world of intelligent objects and newly forming spatial repertoires.

Maximilian Goldfarb is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the University at Buffalo Department of Art. He has been exhibiting his work for over twenty years. This is his first exhibition in Buffalo. Goldfarb has completed past works with support from the Harpo Foundation, the Elizabeth Graham Foundation, the Pollack-Krasner Foundation and the Experimental Television Center. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in venues including, Sculpture Center, NY; Stadsgalerij, NL; Western Front, BC; White Columns, NY and The Drawing Center, NY. Goldfarb is co-author of Architectural Inventions (Laurence King Publishing UK), an archive of contemporary visionary architectural drawings. He is a co-founder of the Incident Report exhibition platform in Hudson, NY.